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Finally I am in Finland

10 Dec , 2015, 07.30 saif


Finally I am in Finland, but now I have to face so many difficulties. All the other refugees and I are facing new challenges to get into the new society with different cultures, totally the toughest part of being a refugee. What will they do? Who will help them? Who will give them the things they didn’t have in their own country, the things that the government and the decision makers didn’t allow them to have, such as humanitarian assistance.

With no humanitarian in my country, it’s a small word with 12 letters that can change anyone’s life, the word which no refugee ever though that he will have and find. But the surprise was in Finland, the Finnish government which has embraced thousands of refugees from different nationalities, and given all the possible offers and help and best services for them. On the other side, the Finnish people I have had a wonderful experience with, I was amazed with the people I met, I call them ”angels” as they have given me so much support, they fill my life with their kindness and love, yes they truly are my guardian angels.

One of the things I have to mention is the Lauttasaaren seurakunta church in Helsinki where I saw things I have only seen in fantasy stories. They have been helping us without asking for anything in return, only for peace and love. Are they real? Are these things truly happening? Are they real human beings? I though they didn’t exist anymore. I didn’t expect to find them around us, giving us love and peace and safety and their own time, just helping us with education, advices, and guidance for us to bear with all the suffering and to make our lives easier and make us feel welcomed. Lauttasaaren seurakunta church was like the moon in my sky which guided me through the hard times just to reach the first step of the right direction on the road of surviving when I didn’t know how or when or where to start? After I lost everything in the hands of the devil, now I found myself in the hands of angels with no wings, who have pure hearts and souls. When I was in Baghdad the church was next to my house, where I used to live with my family, and now the church became my friend and my family. I don’t know how to thank the people who saved my life from being lost, no words can say how I feel for their generosity. I really wish that I would own the most expensive things in life in order to give it to those who walked the road of goodness, while in my country others choose the road of badness.


Huge thanks to the best journalists Inari Fernández and Kari Lehtonen. Special thanks to Omar Aboushama: you helped me a lot with your translation at the church, I couldn’t have done it without you. And thank you to Siru Hannula, Regina Romanialainen, Annika Kumpunen, Riitta Tammisto, Annette Markkunen, Father Juha Rintamäki, Marianne Heikkilä, Nora Ojala, Nicolina Träskman, Hanna Leino and my finnish language teacher Raili Löyttyniemi. I end my blogposts and I won’t forget the people who helped me to publish my story and give me the chance to write in this blog, blog administrator Simon Lampenius, and the wonderful blog administrator Sara Åstrom.

I end the last post on immigration and suffering, the reasons to leave our lives behind us with hope to be a journalist, with a humanitarian message and to show the real images of human suffering. I hope to have the chance to live here in Finland, to have the chance to be part of this society and to live in peace, to achieve my goals and to get my family in safe hands.


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